What happened to the homepage?

With all the attention spent on conversions, micro sites, landing pages and retargeting, have we neglected our home pages?

Think about it.

Have you really looked at the analytics behind the user interaction with your homepage? Do you have more than 10 links? If so, what if one of those links receives only 2% of the click through traffic? Is it still worth including it on the page?

These questions and more might (and should) be on your radar. In fact, do we even need these relics of the web one-point-oh? How do we understand what should go into designing and possibly reinventing these cornerstones of our websites? And, is it possible to use customer data, market research, web analytics and thoughtful design to turn a clunky, overlooked page into a useful tool for our customers that adds value to our marketing strategy?

I believe that we haven’t paid enough attention to designing intelligent home pages. But, I also believe the keys to deciphering the ingredients that are needed to make great pages (great depends on what matters most to your organization) are well within your reach.

This April, I’ll be presenting on what I feel is a methodology for creating a great home page experience at Innovation Enterprise’s Social Media and Web Analytics Innovation Summit. After the summit, I’ll share my findings and postulations on my site here. Stay tuned!

Social Media Week DC – Value of Like Recap

Thanks to all my fellow DC social media gurus for coming out to Manassas and completely filling the conference room on Wednesday. What a thrill. We had standing room only!

When I originally agreed to host a session, we had booked the University’s conference room which can hold about 40-50 people. I’m glad we moved down the street to the Holiday Inn so we could squeeze some more folks in to the session.

We had a lot of great questions and I had a good time sharing some of my tips and strategy for measuring and reporting on social media ROI.

As promised, I’ve got some great “takeaways” to share with you from the session:

  1. Social Media Assessment Flow Chart
  2. Social Communities Dashboard
  3. Social Engagement Dashboard
  4. Social Media Case Study Template
  5. Presentation PowerPoint

And finally, if you missed the session, you can watch it in three parts on Vimeo:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

If you have any feedback regarding the session, please feel free to post your comments here or tweet them to me @Dan_Soschin. If you have an upcoming conference that you’d like to have me participate in, just drop me a line.

Thanks again for making our session so wonderful! Until next time…

Social Media Strategies Summit – Las Vegas – February 7-9, 2012

I will be presenting at the 2012 Las Vegas Social Media Strategies Summit at the Mirage Hotel.

Session Overview:

Social Media – How to Monitor, Measure and Report for the SMB

So you’re adding social media to your game plan for your organization, moving it from an afterthought to front-and-center. You’ve even got a staff member ready to roll up their sleeves and manage your social media strategy for the organization (and that person might be you!) But now what? In this session, we’ll explore three key aspects of getting started with social media: monitoring, measuring, and reporting.

Your session leader will walk you through how to succeed in each of these key areas by taking a hands on and practical approach to identifying the tools, resources and processes that will position your SMB for social media success.  Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Identifying your objectives for using social media
  • Defining the metrics and KPIs for success
  • Why monitoring social media is important
  • Free and paid tools to get you started with monitoring
  • Policies and procedures for social media management
  • Using Google Analytics and Facebook Insights for analysis
  • Creating simple dashboard spreadsheets in Excel for reporting KPIs/ROI